About Us


In Setswana (Botswana’s Official Language apart from English) the word “TSHONO” means “OPPORTUNITY”, and that’s what we stand for. Established in May of 2011, tshono.com is the number 1 online and print advertising portal for jobs and business opportunities. It  is used by Business Owners, Individuals, Government departments and Investors for various purposes. We intend on networking businesses in Botswana and provide a platform for individuals and businesses to promote their products and services, share industry best practices and resources.

We are more than a listing site because we network businesses, provide a platform for solutions and sharing of ideas, and empower businesses/individuals with information.

Our content is absolutely free and users can sign-up to receive updates through their emails in their area of interest.

To learn more about us  email marketing@tshono.com or go to business solutions section.



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