Other Issues to Writing a Tender Proposal


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Besides the three main pieces of documentation, a tender proposal should contain a few important things about you and your company.

  • Executive Summary – This summary explains why the client should pick you over the competition. It is your chance to sell yourself and convice the client that your company is the best for the job. Explain how you would be able to add value to the job if you are successful and identify any mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Company Profile and Background – You should always explain a bit about your company, who they are, and what products or services they are into.
  • Safety Plan – This is important if you will be using heavy machinery, chemicals, or anything else that could be hazardous or harmful. Clients like to know what your contingencies are if there is an accident and what you are prepared to do to prevent one.
  • List of Resumes/CVs and Qualifications – Just like applying for any other job, you should always include a resume on other      completed jobs and responsibilities during those jobs. Leverage on your team’s professional qualifications, experiences, previous bids awarded, successful completion and customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure that the written tender is a comprehensive and complete document particularly in terms of the specifications and conditions listed in the tender. Check and re-check for compliance. Include a cover letter which would make a crucial first impression. Provide a listing of the contents of your document and on how it has been organized for easy reference. The document must be written such that it is      easy to read. Check spelling and grammar. Where required, obtain the services or assistance of others who have specialized writing skills. You can now even use software for editing your written work. It is worth the effort.

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