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There are a number of interview techniques that can help you with both your job interview preparation and to impress the interviewer as the right job candidate.

What should you prepare the day before the interview? Preparing for your job interview ensures that you arrive at the interview with exactly what you need. You want to be sure that you are properly prepared and confident of getting the job.

Here is a list of what you should put in your portfolio or briefcase

(Remember to clean out your briefcase first; you don’t want irrelevant papers flying around when you are trying to retrieve documents from it!)

  • Full name of company, name and position of contact person/interviewer and contact number
  • Full address of company and the department or building where your interview is.
  • Put in a couple of copies of your resume. Although the company already has a copy you may need to give another copy to the interviewer or interviewers. Take this opportunity to read through your resume again and note any red flags that will have to be dealt with during the interview. Prepare for tough questions about gaps in employment, reason for leaving etc.
  • Include copies of letters of recommendation or written job references you have.
  • Relevant work samples
  • Pen and paper. Taking a few notes during your interview shows you are listening closely.
  • The job advert or any details of the position that you have. You may want to refer to this during the interview.
  • Include your Company Background Research. Review the information that you have put together about the organization and the job and consider how you will use it in your interview.
  • Put in the Job Interview Question List have prepared to ask the interviewer. You should have at least five insightful questions about the job, the company, and management ready to ask. Read through these questions and feel confident about asking them. Go through your interview checklist once again to check you have everything.

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