Ingredients of “Outstanding” Cover Letters


A cover letter plays an important role in marketing your resume or CV. These documents are essentials while applying for any job and the entire interview process. With the right tips and techniques used one might get an edge over the others to grab that dream job. They have proved one of the most effective tools while applying for any job because it summarizes the candidate’s credentials and highlights their skills.

Most employers in Botswana could go their whole lives without reading another resume if it was up to them, so that’s when truly helpful cover letter tips come in handy.  If they are not in a hurry to hire, the last thing they want to do with their time is pick through anonymous resumes.  A cover letter gives you a quick chance to tell them why they should take a closer look at you. We have put together the following articles to help you in your journey;

1. Top 10 Tips for Truly Outstanding Cover Letters

2. Why Most Cover Letters Fail

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