Part 5 – I’m Not Sure The Job I’m Looking For Is The Right One For Me


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If you are concerned that the job you are seeking may not be right for you, or if you are not completely sure what job you are seeking, you have a bigger problem than just writing a great resume. You are handing over your future to chance and accident.

How you can I tell if it is right for me? If you are changing to a job that is pretty much the same as your current or most recent job, it is not too difficult to assess whether or not you need to just make a job change or consider a new career direction. The big question is: how much do or did you enjoy the actual work? If you liked the work itself but were not happy with the boss or the pay or other components of the job, you may just need to find a new job – a job where you can keep doing the same thing in a different setting. If the work itself was dull, routine, uninteresting, difficult, exasperating, or if you did not feel fully challenged by it, you may need to make a shift in your career direction.

If you are seeking a job that is somewhat different from what you did before, how can you know it will be better than what you have been doing?

Let’s take a look at your situation from a new point of view. What an employer pays you for is to perform some special function or functions. Everything one might do at work, from flipping burgers to understanding the most obscure abstract data, is a specific work function. Most careers involve combining a few different functions together. Everyone is born with a certain degree of talent for each of the hundreds of possible work functions. Think about it for a minute. Notice that there are some things that seem to come easily to you and others that are much more difficult to deal with. Your innate talent for any specific function may be anywhere from 100% to 1% on a scale of human ability.

Almost every person is naturally gifted at some things, adequate at others, and not so good at yet other functions. Your natural talents work together, like instruments in a band, to make your work harmonious and enjoyable. Those people who are very successful, who really like their work and have no trouble writing a powerful and sincere resume, are people who have discovered what they are naturally best at found a way to combine their talents and personality traits in a job that fits them like a custom-made suit.

It is as simple as that. If you uncover your natural talents and pick a job that combines them well, you will greatly increase the odds that you will wind up both very satisfied and very successful in your work. Then you can easily write a resume that honestly communicates that you are the best candidate for the job-because you know you are. The way to make this happen is to get your natural talents tested.

To begin your self Assessment it’s a great idea to start by asking yourself the following questions

  • Where am I going with my life?
  • What careers would best fit my talents and personality?
  • Can I find a career that fits me perfectly, involves work I care about, is realistic and attainable?

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